Structures & drawers

Drawers and structures, the beauty is also inside

A kitchen of impeccable quality is as much from the outside as from the inside. In order to maintain the integrity and harmony of the whole, it is necessary to evaluate the choices and make the right decisions regarding the interior of the furniture, the cabinets and the panels. They are the very structure of your kitchen.


We all want a kitchen that will last over time without losing its luster and efficiency. The structure is therefore essential to ensure its integrity. We offer structures made from waterproof 19mm thick panels that offer enormous resistance to water.
This choice ensures structures of exemplary solidity that will resist potential water infiltration and, above all, will swell little or not in contact with water over a long period of time.

Our panels are also an environmentally responsible choice. Indeed, they are made with 100% post-consumer wood with very low formaldehyde emissions and are Four Stars certified.

Our panels are also FSC Mixed certified because they are also made from a mixture of wood/cellulose from responsibly managed and controlled forests.

The backs of the furniture are made of wood fiber and meet the European and American CARB TSCA standards for formaldehyde emissions, achieving the highest level in the world.



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