Handles and opening systems

Lift Doors: Almost exclusively reserved for overhead units, these doors slide in a slanted manner and lift up completely once opened, either manually or electrically.

Lift folding doors: Ideal for high units, they lift and fold thanks to pistons that stabilize them when they are opened.

Retractable doors: These doors allow total access to the interior by sliding to the side when opened in a column. They can be used to create new areas by inserting a coffee machine or an oven for example.


Pull-out doors: Used for columns, these practical and functional doors allow you to see all the contents when they are open.




Opening systems. A world of functionality opens up to you

As you may have noticed, most contemporary kitchens have a grip-groove opening system. However, there are several parameters to consider before making the right choice, including aesthetics, practicality, kitchen configuration, etc. For example, in a kitchen with large fronts, the vertical groove system is the most recommended for its aesthetic aspect while a vertical handle is more functional and practical for tall doors and fronts. It’s all a matter of taste and priorities. As a standard feature, all types of closures are equipped with a soft close system.

Grip-groove system: This classic “C” or “L” shaped groove is often made of extruded matte or painted aluminum depending on its function and location. It can also be lacquered to match the kitchen’s finish.

Straight groove system: This groove is made of a metal profile at the top of the façade to make the opening easier.

Handles: The variety of handle options is virtually limitless. Mounted vertically or horizontally, handles are available in different materials, styles and finishes.

Push Pull Opening System: This ingenious, convenient and streamlined opening system features a push plunger that is placed on top of the cabinet at the back of the front.

Swinging doors: The classic system, easy, simple to use in addition to being affordable. Negative points: they can create a lack of space when opened and limit movement, especially when installed high.


Overhead doors: Primarily used for overhead units, they offer an upward opening and retain the open position for safety and freedom of movement. Interestingly, lift doors can be manual or electric.

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