1420 Mont-Royal

1420 Mont-Royal

The Excellence of Italian Craftsmanship

Italian elegance reaches its pinnacle in this magnificent space. At the heart of the room, two marble blocks command attention, creating an atmosphere of ultra-minimalism, enhanced by the combination of two materials: satin-finished ash-gray lacquered glass and Saint-Laurent gray marble with a leather-like finish.

The cabinet fronts of the island are clad in marble, meticulously arranged at a 45-degree angle, ensuring a flawless assembly.

The kitchen unfolds around two distinct islands, each serving a well-defined purpose. The first island is dedicated to hosting and welcoming guests, offering a warm and inviting space.
The project boasts absolute discretion when it comes to the Subzero appliances, seamlessly integrated into the ensemble or even completely concealed. This harmonious integration reinforces the purity of the design. This project embodies Italian perfection down to the smallest details.

PURE in collaboration with Martha Franco Architecture, Desjardins Bherer
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Frederic Coulombe