Pour qu’une cuisine se transforme en lieu privilégié qui sublime le quotidien en art de vivre, il faut un cuisiniste unique. Chez PURE, nous comprenons et maîtrisons les exigences du haut de gamme. Notre portfolio et l’envergure des projets en témoignent.


Le judicieux conseil, les suggestions inspirantes, ces propositions qui vous allument, tout est pertinent pour vous parce que l’écoute oriente notre démarche. Des premiers échanges jusqu’au rendu fini, au millimètre près, nous veillons à ce que vos attentes soient respectées et amplement comblées. Puisque tout part de vous, notre objectif est de vous guider vers où vous souhaitez aller, vous offrir l’accompagnement PURE.


Votre projet devient rapidement le nôtre. La transparence, l’implication et la passion de nos designers inspirent une totale confiance. Le choix pointilleux des manufacturiers, notre expertise en intégration architecturale, nos propositions aussi esthétiques que fonctionnelles, tout, fait foi de notre engagement. Comme si c’était chez nous.


Bien conscient que nous offrons plusieurs collections haut de gamme, votre budget guide nos propositions. Toutes suggestions de finitions par exemple, se font en adéquation avec vos goûts et votre portefeuille. Les estimations détaillées, étape par étape, vous gardent informés sur l’évolution du projet et les variations de coûts s’il y a lieu.


Valeur chère à PURE, le respect se vit de diverses manières. Respect de votre vision et de votre budget, cela va de soi. Mais aussi, immense respect envers nos designers créatifs et ingénieux qui font la force de notre équipe et ceux qui signent les splendides collections européennes. D’ailleurs, si nous n’avons retenu que celles qui s’adaptent aux réalités d’ici, par respect pour votre projet et votre quotidien.


Comme tout projet d’envergure, une cuisine par exemple, il faut prévoir de 1 à 2 mois de fabrication. Pour la livraison des produits outremer, comptez 3 semaines de plus.

  • Accompagnement par des designers diplômés
  • Plan d’aménagement
  • Plan d’électricité
  • Prise de mesures au laser
  • Visite de chantier
  • Suivi impeccable

Prévoir 900 $ pour un plan de salle de bain si le projet se réalise avec les spécifications PURE. Prévoir 400 $ pour un plan d’éclairage.


Le fait en Italie MADE IN ITALY résonne comme un symbole de qualité partout dans le monde. Les produits de grande qualité issue des technologies de pointe et du savoir faires des artisants italien.

Un savoir faire transmit de génération en génération.
La passion d’un design d’avant-garde et la possibilité de se renouvelé par des avancés technologique sont en renouvellement constant et se balance entre tradition et modernité.

PURE à cette mission rendre accessible et communiquer ses nouvelles idées et le meilleur Made in Italy.

Nous nous plaisons à dire que chez PURE a sous la main l’entièreté des possibilité manufacturiers dédier au meuble italienne, vous n’avez qu’a demandé.


Cesar furniture carcasses is made using V100 particle panels that have the highest level of water resistance for internal use. The panels we use in our furniture have very low formaldehyde emissions (Carb Phase II compliant/TSCA Title VI compliant). Cesar is FSC® certified, mark that guarantees the traceability of the wood used and that is comes from responsibly managed forests. Because we firmly believe that the condition of tomorrow’s world depends on the actions that we take today.
“Ask for FSC® certified products.”



In a research for a more sustainable raw material with respect to the environment and its resources, CEADESIGN has chosen as one of the first faucet producing companies stainless steel as its main raw material for its entire product range guaranteeing a 100% stainless steel production plant excluding any possible contamination with other metals. Stainless steel is universally recognised as an eco- friendly material that needs far lower temperatures to be produced in comparison to other metals. CEA adopts cold working methods for stainless steel using highly precise numerical control machines. No hot melt treatment is used avoiding thermal overheating. The long lifespan of the products contributes to the eco-friendliness of the choice of stainless steel that guarantees because of its mechanical resistance an extreme durability. Not only is steel 100% recyclable, but also almost eternal.

From concept to finished product, every single step involved in CEA production is traced and managed to guarantee process times and optimisation. The production flow follows procedures put in place for the reduction of waste, workplace ergonomics, vertical warehouses and automated picking, according to the canons of LEAN PRODUCTION. Industrialisation 4.0 goes hand in hand with sustainability of the production site and process. The building,
the company’s headquarters, develops vertically and favours
levels below ground to reduce occupation of land planted with vegetation and lower impact on the surrounding environment. The underground production divisions exploit the natural insulation ensured by the ground for cooling and heating of their interiors. The energy used by this department is provided exclusively by renewable sources, while the testing units are powered by a closed- circuit system to safeguard water resources. Vegetation and natural overhead light in the production areas further enhance the quality of the operators’ tasks and time spent at work. The result of this process is a product that is in turn sustainable, made with a noble, totally recyclable material that is highly hygienic, resistant to external agents, and long-lasting: stainless steel



Lema has always had a keen focus on environmental issues and is constantly striving to improve its operation, adhering to regulations which favour the use of sustainable processes and materials. Key steps taken over the years include the progressive move from traditional to water-based paints, as well as a concerted effort to limit emissions. Our headquarters in Alzate runs partially on renewable energy, while the entire logistics area opened in 2013 is completely self-sufficient in terms of energy thanks to the photovoltaic plant installed on the roof. The company has had BS OHSAS 18001 certification since 2012, in recognition of our commitment to improving the working conditions at our facilities and in 2020 it obtained the international certification UNI ISO 45001, which attests the company’s responsibility towards protecting the health and safety of its employees. By request, Lema is also able to produce products with international FSC® certification, which denotes products containing wood sourced from forests that are sustainably managed in accordance with stringent environmental, social and economic standards. FSC® is an independent, non-profit international NGO whose members include environmentalist and social groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, industries who work with or sell wood and scientists and technicians who work together to improve forestry management across the world. In 2013, Lema also acquired ISO 9001 certification, the world’s leading Quality management standard. ISO 9001 certification shows that the company is active in programmes that aim to ensure the constant improvement of company performance and allow it to assure clients that it will maintain and improve the quality of its products and services.



Zalf eco panels uses wood particles, taken from the re-use of woody material, the logic of respect for nature 
and the final consumer.

Zalf years designing and producing the knowledge and the goal
of preserving the great “home ground”. Over the years, so has recognized the importance of sustainable design and cross products and production systems business. The ecopanels with very low emission of formaldehyde, is compliance with the “CARB Phase 2” which lowers drastically, by today’s standards, the maximum permitted levels of formaldehyde emission. The structures of the furniture is coated with melamine paper abrasion-resistant and easy to clean.


Zalf has revolutionized the heating system of its facilities, replacing the “old” and traditional boilers with the latest biomass combustors that eliminate all the fumes due to impurities. The biomass also, does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. All packaging Zalf (polystyrene, cardboard and shrink wrap) are 100% recyclable.


Zalf is very attentive to households, by proposing and suggests a diverse range of lighting systems with LED light source, which compared to common fluorescent lamps offer energy savings up to 80% more than they will last at least 10 times , do not produce ultraviolet rays and generate very little heat. All packaging Zalf (polystyrene, cardboard and shrink wrap) are 100% recyclable.