Our Studio

Our Studio

Pure creates custom-made projects that are tailored to your needs.

A relationship of trust: everything else is built on this basis. Over the course of our meetings, your wishes will take shape based on your requirements, the configuration of your space, and our expertise. Quality advice is a key element of our service at Pure.

A designer at your service. Your project becomes our project too. We will make as many adjustments as necessary, while offering you innovative and competitive solutions. We study every detail down to the millimeter so that we can guarantee perfect integration and a final result that goes beyond your expectations.

Your budget. This defines how the project and all its related decisions will be approached. Pure focuses on your unique situation, proposing solutions that correspond to your budget and providing detailed step-by-step estimates to guide the process for aesthetic and functional decisions.

The time that we dedicate to development, our expertise in architectural integration, our accuracy, and our offering of products at the cutting edge of technology from carefully selected European manufacturers ensure the complete customization and exceptional quality of your project.


The studio offers special expertise in interior design for when you’re planning an important project.

With one foot in Europe and the other in North America, Pure’s identity has been shaped by both influences. Our collections and expertise allow us to provide you with complete, integrated interior design solutions. Quality design, seamless coordination and high‑end furnishings are at your service for creating affecting, enduring spaces.

Pure also has a particular interest in heritage spaces. We approach these spaces with a special passion and respect to showcase both their past and present aestheticism.

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